The Value of a Personal Motivator

Me, Jessica, and Whitney before the Graffiti Run 5K in 2013

I got to witness the beginning of something wonderful for about 20 women today as they started their journey to run/walk a 5K with Running Start this September. Running Start is a nonprofit organization, started by Nicole DeBoom, whose mission is to “provide women with barriers to fitness the confidence, courage and community support they… Continue reading The Value of a Personal Motivator


Strategies to *Try to* Stay Ahead of Major Stump Issues

Nicole, me, and Jen holding my legs up for the camera. I'm not wearing a prosthesis, but have my stump held up to my knee so I look kind of like a flamingo.

My stump (residual limb is the more proper term, but I call it my stump and so that's what I'm going to call it in this post) is generally fairly compliant and, even when not compliant, at least somewhat predictable. I know the problems I’m likely to have when exercising for long periods of time,… Continue reading Strategies to *Try to* Stay Ahead of Major Stump Issues

Parents Cheering from Different Time Zones

Karen and Sheryl together during a family Christmas gathering

The following guest posts come from my mom, Zach's dad, and Zach's mom and provide the perspective of parents cheering on their kids doing an Ironman from afar.  I hope you enjoy reading about their experiences! Sheryl Damron - Emily's Mom When I first heard that Emily and Zach were going to train and commit… Continue reading Parents Cheering from Different Time Zones

Keep Going by Zach Harvey (Emily’s husband)

Zach during one of his time trial races to prepare for IM Boulder

This is a guest post by my husband, Zach, who also toed the line at the Boulder Ironman this weekend.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my race recap, he had a few setbacks that ultimately ended his day earlier than planned.  He trained so hard for this race, and I am so impressed with his… Continue reading Keep Going by Zach Harvey (Emily’s husband)

Why I want to be an Iron(wo)man

Riding my bike during a triathlon in 2017

One month from today, I will embark on the most ambitious athletic endeavor I have ever undertaken at Ironman Boulder. Most people think I’ve lost my mind when they find out that I’ve voluntarily signed up (and paid money) to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run 26.2 miles all in one day.… Continue reading Why I want to be an Iron(wo)man

Equal Treatment for “Different” People

photo of my legs while running

The coaching group my coach (the amazing Mark Sortino) started many years ago just revamped their website and the quote on the page for Para Sports reads, “We won't treat you any different than able-bodied athletes, but we know the difference.” Nowhere is this truth more apparent to me than during Ironman training over the… Continue reading Equal Treatment for “Different” People

Self-Modified Clothing May Not Be the Only Option: Introducing PATTI + RICKY

same pair of running pants with scissors on them, but this time with the pant leg cut

I’m used to making it work when it comes to clothing and shoes, and I think there’s a lot to be said for that ability to adjust for your environment. That said, living in a world intended for people with 2 biological legs & feet sometimes leads to a little bit of frustration. For example,… Continue reading Self-Modified Clothing May Not Be the Only Option: Introducing PATTI + RICKY